European Researchers' Night 2023

European Night of Scientists ahead!

On the occasion of "Researchers' Night" on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30, from 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., the space of the Città dell'Altra Economia - in Rome's Testaccio district - will be transformed into a real NET village and will host Read more


Workshop "Copernicus and Italy 2023"

What did Copernicus have to do with Italy? What was the question of the heliocentric theory before and after the Polish astronomer's discoveries? How was he depicted in iconography and what were the research methods of the time? Answers to these and other questions were taken up during the conference Read more


On the image of Italy in the Polish media and teaching in Szczecin - a conversation with Dr. Angelo Sollano

He loves Poland and the Polish language, couldn't live without stuffed cabbage and cheesecake, and when he first arrived in Warsaw, he felt like he was transported to a world where he belongs... Enjoy our September interview with Angelo Sollano, a graduate of the philology Read more


"About science in the heart of Rome" - interview with the director of the Center Agnieszka Stefaniak-Hrycko in the issue of "Gazzetta Italia"

The 100th issue of Gazzetta Italia features an interview with Agnieszka Stefaniak-Hrycko, director of the Center PAN in Rome, about Polish science in the heart of Rome. We invite you to read it!

Did you know that in the heart of Rome, just off Venice Square (Vicolo Doria Read more


12th installment of the National Reading in Rome

Saturday, September 8, marked the 12th installment of the National Reading in Rome. In the beautiful halls of the Polish Institute, we met with representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, students and teachers of Polish schools and the Polish community to immerse ourselves in the reading of "Above the Niemen" Read more


On the study of Chinese history and culture - a conversation with Dr. Laura Pozzi

We talk with Dr. Laura Pozzi of the UW Department of History about her love of China, treasures and curiosities from Chinese museums, what the "Century of Humiliation" is, and controlled Warsaw dynamism. A great interview to start the weekend! Enjoy!

  1. Please tell us Read more

Competition for "Antonio Feltrinelli" Prize 2024

We invite scientists to nominate candidates for the "Antonio Feltrinelli" Prize for 2024 awarded by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in five categories:- Philosophical Sciences- Biological Science- Romance Philology- Graphics- Medicine

The award is given for exceptional achievements, and its amount is Read more


"Caput mundi, or navel of the world" - director of the Center PAN in Rome in Urszula Rzepczak's new program

The first episode of Ursula Rzepczak's magazine, entitled "Caput mundi, or navel of the world," aired on Sunday, August 6. The ten-minute program focuses on cultural and social issues and presents the most interesting information related to Rome and Italy in Read more


On mitochondrial DNA research and scientific work in Poland - a conversation with Prof. Carlo Vascotto

For the last weekend of July, we have a very interesting interview with Prof. Carlo Vascotto, one of the group leaders at the International Institute of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines (IMol) of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The professor talks about his research on mitochondrial DNA, future plans, Read more


Meeting with Juliusz Galkovsky - July 6, 2023

On Thursday, July 6, 2023, the Center hosted a conversation with Julius Galkovsky, art historian and author of Roman Miniatures. Short Stories of Italian Myth.

"I assume that Europeanism means Romanism, even if you don't Read more


Archaeology Conference - June 26, 2023

Below we share with you a short photo report from a recent event on medieval archaeology in Sicily and Andalusia. Renowned researchers from Polish, Italian and Spanish institutes shared the results of their work with us. A great opportunity to strengthen international contacts!


On Polish Returns - a conversation with Grzegorz Pasternak, Ph.

So far, they have conducted scientific research in the best centers in the world. They have worked in Germany, the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or Austria. But they also returned from China, Oman, Australia and Singapore. One person returned from Italy. We are talking about the winners of the Polish Read more


On research in condensed matter physics - a conversation with Prof. Carmine Autieri

"The biggest challenge is to transfer the observed and numerically simulated quantum effects to everyday life," says Carmine Autieri, head of the research group and professor at the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In a June interview with the Center PAN in Rome, Prof. Autieri agreed Read more


On research on the electoral system in Italy - a conversation with Dr. Małgorzata Lorencka

"Italy is a laboratory of social, economic and political change, and on the other hand it is a country perched on a volcano, figuratively and literally. An extraordinary beauty that is fragile," says Dr. Malgorzata Lorencka of the Read more Institute in an interview


Opening of the exhibition "Nicolaus Copernicus - Life and Work / La vita e l'opera"

We cordially invite all interested parties to the official opening of the exhibition Nicolaus Copernicus - Life and Work / Niccolo Copernico - La vita e l'opera.

This exhibition, which tells the biography and achievements of the native astronomer, opened for the first time in March this year. Read more


Conference on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of AIP - Associazione Italiana Polonisti

A double international conference organized to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Associazione Italiana Polonisti and the 80th anniversary of Slavistica Napoletana is being held in Procida from 12-14.06. The event was organized in cooperation with university departments and numerous institutions related to Slavic literature and research. The day Read more


Promotion of the Polish Language - part 2.

The second part of the event "Culture and literature in the promotion of the Polish language in Italian universities" (25.05.2023) was held in the building of the Polish Institute.

Thursday evening closed with a long, extremely interesting debate entitled "To give things the right word". The discussion between Jaroslaw Mikolajewski, Prof. Monika Wozniak Read more


Promotion of the Polish Language - part 1.

On May 25, 2023, in cooperation with the Polish Institute, the National Agency for Academic Exchange and the University of Silesia, the event "Culture and Literature in the Promotion of the Polish Language at Italian Universities" was held. The program of the meeting was divided into two segments, the first of which was held Read more


Edu&Science Meeting

22.05. took place Edu&Science Meeting in Rome. During the event there was a meeting between NAWA and La Sapienza, and in the evening with the universities and grantees.

Photo: MEiN


On international cooperation and gamma rays - a conversation with Prof. Sabrina Casanova

"I didn't expect how beautiful Krakow is," says Professor Sabrina Casanova, of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in our May interview. The professor also talks about what a galactic disk is, what discovery is waiting for modern astronomy Read more


About the Polish language in Rome

Dear all, we invite all those interested in the Polish language to participate in two interesting meetings in Rome. The morning one (at 10 am) will be about communication, history and, above all, contemporary Polish poetry. The afternoon one (6 pm), on the other hand, will be devoted to comparative translation studies.

Read more


De Republica Institute Competition

For the second time, the De Republica Institute is holding a competition to support and promote talented young scholars conducting research in the humanities and social sciences, as well as working to internationalize these fields.

Conditions for candidates:


50th anniversary of the Polish School in Rome

Fifty years of the Polish School in Rome. From five students in 1973 to over five hundred in 2023! We join in all the wishes, congratulations and thanks that went out to the fantastic Headmistress, Danuta Stryjak and her excellent Read more


On archaeological research in picturesque Sicily... - a conversation with Prof. Roxana Chowaniec and Dr. Marta Fitula

We cordially invite you to read a very interesting interview with Prof. Roksana Chowaniec from the University of Warsaw and Dr. Marta Fituła, who collaborates with her. In it, the scholars talk about their research work on the ancient city of Akrai, cooperation with the prestigious publishing house Harrassowitz Verlag Read more


Visit of the Jagiellonian University Ambassadors Team

Yesterday, the Scientific Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Rome was visited by a team of Jagiellonian University Ambassadors currently visiting Rome. We wanted to thank them for the good, substantive conversation and interest in our Station.

You can read more about the activities of the UJ Ambassador Team here.