Promotion of the Polish Language - part 1.

On May 25, 2023, in cooperation with the Polish Institute, the National Agency for Academic Exchange and the University of Silesia, the event "Culture and Literature in the Promotion of the Polish Language in Italian Universities" was held. The program of the meeting was divided into two segments, the first of which was held at the Center Scientific of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Rome.

The event was opened by the director of the Center, Agnieszka Stefaniak-Hrycko, and Professor Luigi Marinelli, a prominent Italian Polish and literary scholar from La Sapienza University. Dr. Katarzyna Forst then led a workshop, focusing on issues related to the intricacies of interpersonal communication. In turn, the topic of common Polish-Italian historical roots was raised by Dr. Malgorzata Lorencka. After a short coffee break, Jaroslaw Mikolajewski spoke in Italian, talking about Polish contemporary poetry (and especially about the power of female poets). 

The event was attended by Italian students of Polish studies, as well as people associated with various Polish and Italian-speaking institutions. During the meeting, the participants also had the opportunity to get acquainted with excerpts from the works and biography of Bolesław Leśmian, thanks to an exhibition dedicated to the artist, again displayed in the building the Center.