„Il principe Stanislao Poniatowski e l’Italia” – Call for Papers

The Polish Institute of World Art Studies (PIoWAS), the Polish Academy of Sciences - Scientific Center in Rome and the Polish Intitute in Rome are preparing an international conference "Il principe Stanislao Poniatowski e l'Italia/Prince Stanisław Poniatowski and Italy." The conference will take place on 23-24 Septemper 2024 at the Polish Academy of Sciences Center in Rome.

The conference aims to present the patronage and collecting activities in Italy of Prince Stanisław Poniatowski (1754-1833)-nephew of the Polish king Stanisław August-from both Polish and Italian perspectives. The Princes' period of activity consisted of three long journeys to Italy, preceded by a 30-year permament residence. He settled first in Rome and then in Florence, where he died.

Prince Stanisław Poniatowski, despite his many achievements and unusual turns of fate, has not been the subject of a monograph. The most important scholarly works devoted to him were written a long time ago. Andrea Busiri Vici authored the most comprehensive book entitled I Poniatowski e Roma (Poniatowskiand Rome) (Florence 1971), which tells the story of Prince Stanisław and the Poniatowski family. The book has never been translated into Polish.

How to apply / Details of admission

The languages of the conference are Italian and English. Presentations should be 30-minute long, with time for discussion after the panels.

The accepted participants will be asked to prepare articles for publication in Italian or English, up to 12 pages with photographs (up to 10), according to the rules followed in “Contatti artistici polacco-italiani.”

Applications for the conference, including an abstract in English (up to 300 words) and a short biogrophy, should be sent to biuro@world-art.pl by 31 May.

The conference received funding from the Teresa Sahakian Foundation at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The conference materials will be published as Volume 12 of the PIoWAS annual "Sztuka Europy Wschodniej/The Art of Eastern Europe," subsidised by the Polish Book Institute in Kraków.

The organizing committee consists of Prof. Agnieszka Bender (KUL; PIoWAS), Anna Jagiełło (Polish Institute in Rome), Dr. Marzena Królikowska-Dziubecka (PIoWAS), Agnieszka Stefaniak-Hrycko (Director of the Polish Academy of Sciences Center in Rome), and Prof. Jerzy Malinowski (President of PIoWAS). The scientific secretariat of the conference consists of Dr. Aleksandra Piekarniak (UW; PIoWAS) and Dr. Matteo Piccin (UW; PIoWAS).

There is no registration fee for the conference. The organizers do not cover the cost of travel and accommodation during the conference.

Institutions interested in supporting the research and the conference are: National Etruscan Museum Villa Giulia (to which Villa Poniatowski belongs), Municipality of Capodimonte (where Prince Poniatowski’s palace is located) and the Honorary Consulate of Republic of Poland in Florence.