Translation workshop with the participation of poet Małgorzata Lebda - 22.03.2024

Tomorrow, students will have the opportunity to participate in a translation workshop on poetry and literary creativity, with Małgorzata Lebda as the main guest. The event will be held both in-studio and online.

As a continuation of Monday's (18.03.2024) workshop, participants will have a chance to hear from Małgorzata Lebda about her work, inspirations and ask questions related to her poetry. After the meeting, students will participate in the recording of a podcast episode and prepare translations of selected poems.

Małgorzata Lebda is a Polish poet, photographer and doctor of humanities. She has received numerous awards (including the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Stanisław Barańczak Scholarship within the framework of the Poznań Literary Award). Winner of the K.I. Gałczyński Poetry Prize - Orpheus for the best poetry volume of 2016; twice nominated for the Wrocław Poetry Prize "Silesius". Author of such publications as Border of the Forest (2013), Matecznik (2016), Dreams of the uckermӓrkers (2018).

Anyone interested in attending the workshop is invited to join the online meeting (link below).

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