Seminario Copernicano 26.01.2024

On January 26, 2024, the Curia Iulia in Rome will host Seminario Copernicano, the closing conference of the exhibition on Nicolaus Copernicus entitled Copernico e la rivoluzione del mondo, organized in cooperation between Polish and Italian institutions promoting science and culture (including Parco Archeologico del Colosseo, Warsaw University, INAF, Polish Institute).

The exhibition is part of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus and aims to explore the consequences of the Copernican revolution - its ancient roots, solar iconography, Copernicus' stay in Rome in 1500 and the widespread impact of the heliocentric theory. It was in Rome, on the night of November 5-6, 1500, that Copernicus observed the lunar eclipse described in Book IV of De revolutionibus. In the same city, Copernicus also lectured on mathematics and astronomy, which was immortalized in 19th-century engravings and paintings, some of which are presented in the exhibition.

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The program for the event can be viewed below: