New doctoral and postdoc positions at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

We are pleased to announce 2 vacant postdoc positions and 2 new positions for PhD students that have opened up in the Pierini Research Group at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Problems of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The fellowships will be funded by NCN Opus and Sonata Bis grants.

Successful candidates will lead the design and manufacture of nanofiber platforms for biomedical applications. Fellowship applicants are required to have experience working with electrospinning and hydrogels, as well as a good knowledge of basic materials science. An interest in working with polymeric nanomaterials will also be an asset.
The positions are split between two different projects focused on the development of biomaterials for cardiac and intervertebral disc treatment, respectively.

Below you can read the exact requirements for the selected positions:

Interested candidates should submit documents according to the guidelines by August 15, 2024.